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Canyon County Current Arrests

Click on 'CURRENT ARRESTS' to list people who are/were housed in the Canyon County Jail for criminal offenses. This list does not include juvenile offenders, Sheriff Inmate Labor Detail, or Work Release. This database is updated hourly so recent changes in the status of inmates may not be reflected in this online database.

Inmate Status: The status of an inmate can only be confirmed by phone, call (208) 454-7541 or in person.

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How to visit an inmate?
Inmate visitation at the Canyon County Jail has transitioned to a video only system provided by Telmate. Two 30 minute, on-site visits will be provided at no cost to each inmate per week.
To schedule an inmate visit please visit, or use the kiosks in the jail lobby to register and schedule an appointment.

Can't find an inmate?
If you can't find the person, maybe the inmate's status was changed, or maybe the inmate is housed in other county's jail. To lookup the inmate in other counties, please visit Idaho inmate search, the page lists all the counties in Idaho which have the inmate search system.

How to pay a jail bond?
You can pay a jail bond online by using Cite Pay USA.

Canyon County Bail Bonds